The Canadian Forces are getting ready to head back to work as the coronavirus pandemic continues to stretch on and military officials face concerns that keeping activities on pause could reduce readiness.

Roughly 60,000 of the 68,000 members of the Canadian military were ordered into isolation in April as the force shored up its ability to respond to any demands resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, recruitment and training have been on pause, along with deployments such as that of a warship and surveillance aircraft to help with enforcement of United Nations sanctions on North Korea.

But as the pandemic stretches on with no end in sight, the military needs to get back to work if it wants to stay ready to respond to any future demands, according to a memo shared with Global News.

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“Conditions are now being set to allow for the resumption of some activities within the CAF in order to restore its capability to conduct future operations,” reads the military memo.

It notes that the military has been responding so far by dipping into its “residual capacity” but that has been “progressively eroded by the cancellation of CAF training and force generation activities.”

“Defence team safety must remain a key planning principle,” the memo continues.