Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there are “many questions” after a report that the World Health Organization praised China ‘s early handling of the coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to get critical health information.

During a daily briefing with journalists about the pandemic, Trudeau was asked about a report from the Associated Press that cited recordings and internal records of WHO meetings in which officials expressed frustration with China for not sharing information.

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The report says WHO officials decided to try using public praise to “coax” data about the burgeoning crisis out of Beijing even though the data being offered was described as “clearly not enough.”

“I think there are many questions that need to be asked about the World Health Organization, about China and other countries’ behaviours through this,” Trudeau said.

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“We need to focus right now on doing everything we can to keep Canadians safe … the World Health Organization remains a truly important ally in doing that but there are many questions that need to be answered going forward.”

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The Trudeau government has been tight-lipped on its view of how the Chinese regime has handled the pandemic even as other countries,