FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Over the past few days, many have been following the uprise in protests against racism across Canada and the United States.

Adrian McCreath, a firefighter, has been one of the many people who have been watching the events that are unfolding on both sides of the border.

McCreath wanted to do something about it, so he decided to stand on the corner of 100th Street and 100th Avenue, in Fort St. John, with a sign stating “Black Lives Matter” to show a sign of solidarity for the anti-racism campaign.

“This appears bigger than things we’ve seen before, and it’s obvious that you know it’s this typical thing where we pretend we fix the problem but we don’t fix the problem, we just make it worse and it’s time we fix the problem.”

By late afternoon, over a dozen people stood with McCreath in solidarity.

Black Lives Matter protest at the corner of 100 Street and 100 Avenue on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Photo by Scott Brooks

When asked about how long McCreath intends to stay, he says that he plans to be back later and that this is only day one of the protest in an effort to do something about racism.