VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province of British Columbia announced, on Monday, another step for the B.C. COVID-19 Action Plan.

According to Finance Minister, Carole James, B.C. businesses eligible for rent support from the Federal Government will be protected from evictions as the Provincial Government issues a new order under the Emergency Program Act.

James says the Province’s commercial rent program will fill the gaps from the Federal Government’s rent support program.

“The Federal launch of the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program has been a welcome step in B.C., but we heard from small businesses that they need us to help fill a gap that has left some of them unable to get the support they need. We’re listening to small businesses and have their backs. Preventing landlords who are eligible for CECRA from evicting tenants can encourage landlords to apply for the program and give some temporary relief to businesses who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.”

According to James, the Provincial Program will be around until the end of June or for as long as the Federal Government continues to provide its program.

The Emergency Program Act order restricts the termination of lease agreements and the repossession of goods and property.

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