Canadian soldiers helping fight novel coronavirus outbreaks in several long-term care homes say many front-line workers are doing the best they can.

The troops, Global News has learned, have raised concerns about poor conditions in homes they say management failed to address, in some cases even after the military brought it to their attention in meetings.

Some military personnel feel frontline workers are being unfairly blamed for management’s shortcomings.

Some of these concerns are in documents released earlier this week but have been glossed over, sources say.

Sources in two provinces say several troops have told the chain of command they believe many front-line workers in long-term care homes have risked their lives and spent months away from their families in order to combat COVID-19 in their workplace.

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Troops were shocked to see their observations were publicly released — a move that raised worries about the relations they have established with staff working inside these homes.

2:58Quebec expresses hope soldiers will stay in care homes until September

Quebec expresses hope soldiers will stay in care homes until September

Troops deployed to five of the worst-hit long-term care homes in Ontario have documented mistreatment of residents,