Summer this year will not feel familiar for all Canadians.

Although the warm weather has encouraged many to enjoy the outdoors, coronavirus social distancing protocols are still in place across the country to varying degrees depending on where you live.

Due to the pandemic, large gatherings continue to be banned and if places like restaurants or campgrounds are open, they are operating at limited capacities.

When choosing an activity to take part in this summer, it can be tricky to assess how much of a risk you are taking.

Judging how safe it will be to partake in any social scenario this summer depends on several factors, said Andrew Morris, an infectious disease specialist and professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto.

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You’ll have to determine, Morris said: how many people are at this activity? Is social distancing possible? Will you be indoors or outdoors? And, are you sharing items like food?

Another major factor is how long you plan to spend time with others, he said.

“Clearly staying away from crowds — which means lots of people close together — that has to be one of the primary ways of staying safe.”

Wearing a mask in those scenarios helps reduce risk,