TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – A post on social media and calls to the RCMP led community members and emergency crews in Tumbler Ridge to search for a missing child Thursday night.

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department confirmed that local officials and members of the public searched until early Friday morning out of precautionary measures after posts on social media suggested a child was seen running around a Tumbler Ridge neighbourhood.

The post said a child was seen looking into a window of a home. The person who made the post on social media also called the police.

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department confirmed there are no reports of a missing child in the community. “At this time, information which confirms the fact that there is currently no missing child from the area has been provided to the RCMP by involved parties.”

Any further request for information regarding this event should be directed to the local Tumbler Ridge RCMP detachment at 250-242-5252.