A day after announcing it would re-open on Saturday, the Old East Village Grocer (OEVG) says it will be closing for good as of June 7.

In a statement, the social enterprise by ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities says its commitment to the Old East Village community “was part of the initial vision for OEVG” and that Friday’s announcement comes “with great regret.”

“Our goal with the grocery store was never really about generating profit,” said ATN Access executive director Andrea Topham.

“It was always about providing service to both our community, in terms of the availability of fresh and healthy food, and services to our clients to provide them with on-site job skills training. I think that’s what made it really unique as a social enterprise.”

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Topham says the organization needs “to focus on putting our resources towards ensuring the ongoing support of our clients.”

According to the statement, the closure is due to factors resulting from the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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