VANCOUVER, B.C. – As part of a boost to tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic, Destination B.C. is funding $400,000 to B.C.’s Tourism Sector.

Destination B.C. currently works with 15 sector associations across the province through the Co-operative Marketing Partnerships Program, such as the B.C. Farmers Market and B.C. Craft Brewers Guild.

According to Destination B.C., these funds will allow sector associations to continue to support their members, provide direction on the implementation of health and safety measures, and develop sector-specific marketing plans in partnership with Destination B.C.

Destination B.C. says it will continue to support B.C.’s tourism industry by providing access to resources and tools, training programs, program modifications, and insights for small- and medium-sized enterprises, throughout the transition from COVID-19.

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