The three Canadian cities shortlisted to play host to the NHL playoffs will be skipped over by the league if players are forced to quarantine in their hotels rooms after arriving, the NHL’s deputy commissioner says.

Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton are all being considered by the league as it looks to re-start play as early as July. But NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says a mandatory quarantine for incoming travellers could stand in the way of those cities being chosen.

“If in fact we are not able to really find an interpretation of the quarantine consistent with our players’ ability to travel in, and not be able to do a strict quarantine in a hotel room, we won’t be a position to use any of the Canadian cities as a hub city,” Daly said Tuesday.

“We are forced to having to find a solution for that.”

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There are some creative solutions Canadian cities could offer, Daly said. The NHL could book out an entire hotel and allow players to quarantine together while having the flexibility to use the amenities in the building.