Hudson’s Hope RCMP say they’ve issued a dozen tickets and more than dozen more warnings to lead-footed motorists speeding through school zones in the last two days.

Hudson’s Hope school is in session, with a limited of students coming in for instruction, and an open school means school zone speeds are in effect, says Cst. Erich Schmidt. The posted speed is 30 km/hr Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“A lot of the traffic is transient, people passing through,” said Schmidt, giving credit to residents for staying informed and following the posted speed.

The school is open Tuesday through Friday. And while schools are open across the province in a limited capacity for vulnerable students, they will be taking in more starting June 1.

“It’s important that people err on the side of caution, schools are opening up but the hours vary depending on where you live,” said Schmidt.

A speed watch was in place in Hudson’s Hope two summers ago, with volunteers assisting the RCMP. A similar program has yet to launch this year due to the limited number of officers on hand, Schmidt said.

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