FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John owes almost $484,000 in RCMP Retirement Benefits, following recent settlements made by the Provincial and Federal Governments on longstanding disputes.

According to a report from the City, the settlement of the liability arises from the Federal Government’s termination of accumulated earned retirement benefits and the related payout of those benefits.

The Earned Retirement Benefit will have an additional direct financial impact to Fort St. John in the amount of $483,961 which will need to be paid this year.

According to the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Diane Hunter, the City pays 90 percent of the RCMP costs as determined by the Province.

Hunter says it is unfortunate that these additional costs come at a time when all local governments have seen a significant reduction in revenues, however, it is a cost that must be borne by the City.