With federal public health officials now officially recommending that people wear non-medical masks to help protect others from the novel coronavirus in situations where physical distancing isn’t possible, the London Transit Commission (LTC) in Ontario is requesting the same of its riders.

In a tweet Wednesday, the LTC asked that riders consider wearing a face covering where physical distancing is not possible.

The request for use of face coverings is on top of previous measures the LTC has taken in an effort to suppress the spread of the virus.

Riders have been asked to board buses through the rear door since March 20, which has also resulted in a moratorium on the collection of fares. At an emergency meeting on April 17, the LTC approved a motion to install barriers around drivers.

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“It’s a recommendation that I think is a good one,” said councillor and LTC chair Phil Squire.

“We’ll be meeting next week to determine if it’s going to be something we require.”

LTC General Manager Kelly Paleczny notes it’s “next to impossible” to ensure physical distancing in a public transit setting.