Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there will need to be “improvements” made to the World Health Organization in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as questions about China‘s influence.

But one European global health expert is cautioning current geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Beijing could make it “incredibly difficult” to achieve real results.

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During a daily briefing with journalists on Tuesday, Trudeau was asked about a vote by WHO member states to launch a review into the organization’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic response and about whether countries like China have too much influence on its workings.

“That balance does need to be looked at carefully. There will be real questions about China in the coming months and years that need to be answered, and we will be part of that,” he said.

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Shortly afterwards, Trudeau told members of Parliament in a virtual session that “it is clear that there will need to be improvements to the WHO” and other international bodies in the aftermath of the pandemic.