Weeks deep into stay-at-home measures, many of us are missing our regular gym sessions and workout classes.

Gyms, which were ordered to close to help curb the spread of COVID-19, are full of professional equipment and heavy weights — items that many people do not have in their homes. This means that those who like to weight train and rely on things like barbells and squat racks to build muscle may be worried about losing their strength while indoors.

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“Being home and forced to slow down and change your training is an opportunity,” said Cassie Day, a Toronto-based trainer and founder of All Day Fit.

“It’s time to get creative and recreate our favourite exercises from the gym at home.”

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Day, who is now leading classes online, said that people shouldn’t be overly concerned with losing strength right now. It comes back fast, she said, and as long as you’re still exercising in the ways that you can, you will be fine.