China supports ‘inclusive review’ of coronavirus response while pointing finger at U.S.

The Chinese government would be open to some sort of review of the coronavirus pandemic, according to its ambassador to Canada.

But Cong Peiwu says that would need to be “inclusive” and be run by the World Health Organization, which has come under criticism during the crisis over concerns it is too deferential to Chinese influence.

“China, we also support a review committee to be established by WHO but that should be taking place in an open and transparent manner and in proper time,” said Cong Peiwu in an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson.

“We believe other countries should focus on the fight against COVID-19. However I think for these kinds of reviews, it should be inclusive in nature. It should address the global response to COVID-19 and for us, we have taken the most strict and comprehensive measures in the fight against the disease and we are making great progress on that.”

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He then turned to attack the United States’ handling of the pandemic.

“But if you can see with the United States,


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