OTTAWA, O.N. – The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights has launched a charter challenge of the ban on firearms announced by the Federal Government.

The Government announced last week that it would ban 1,500 makes and models of firearms. The CCFR believes the ban will deprive Canadian’s access to their property and freedom. “This issue gives rise to complicated arguments of constitutional law and the legislative process, however, the arguments boiled down to this fundamental truth: the government, in an entirely arbitrary and irrational way, has created legislation that will deprive us of our property and our freedom to live as we wish, on pains of incarceration for failing to comply.”

Prince George, Peace River, Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer has come out strongly against the new rules. “Canadians have been very clear. They want action on crime, gangs and illegal firearms.”

In the past, the Supreme Court of Canada said previous rules that banned automatic firearms were within the constitution. The CCFR knows they aren’t guaranteed to win the challenge. “We are not guaranteed success in this fight, although the arguments are far from frivolous. In the end, we can either choose to simply take this treatment, or we can oppose it in the only ways we can.”

On Monday, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said firearm owners would be allowed to have 10 and 12 gauge shotguns. The Canadian Sports Shooting Association said the new rules would ban some shotguns because they exceeded the 20mm bore diameter included in the new regulations.

A spokesperson for Blair told CBC News on Wednesday that the choke will not be considered when measuring a firearm’s bore diameter.

“The regulation introduced on May 1 does not prohibit 10 and 12 gauge shotguns. The regulation for 10 and 12 gauge is based on their standard size, both under 20 mm,” the spokesperson said.

Learn more about the CCFR by visiting their website.