When travellers board Air Canada flights, they will have more than their tickets checked.

The Montreal-based airline will soon require all guests to have their temperature read, helping Air Canada detect potential travellers with COVID-19.

Similar checks have been implemented on a voluntary basis for two weeks at T&T Supermarket locations and over at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., shoppers started being forced to wear face masks to enter the store on Monday.

The policies are part of a handful of increased protective measures companies are launching as provinces across Canada slowly start to reopen in the middle of the pandemic.

The measures are expected to change how we shop, work, travel and play, while the country builds up immunity to COVID-19 and works on developing a vaccine to combat it.

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“We have to get used to the fact that we will have to maintain physical distancing, but it’s not always going to be possible and so adding the mask gives a little extra layer precaution,” said Vivek Goel, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public School.