A new animated series aimed at young children is tackling topics related to COVID-19.

Spike and Toody are a wonderful little boy and girl who are able to talk about the kinds of things they’re thinking about,” said Sara Dimerman, an author and psychologist who was part of a team of advisors for the show.

In a bright-coloured living room, the characters discuss physical distancing and break the concept down to a level children could understand.

“I’m working on my physical distancing. It’s where people keep at least two metres or six feet apart,” Toody explained to Spike.

“That’s about three giant kid steps apart or a grown-up’s hockey stick or a big couch.”

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“If you give important information and a real sense of purpose into the hearts and minds of kids they’ll take it on,” said co-creator Susan McLennan.

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“They love to watch things over and over, so you create things so that every time they come back they learn something new and they feel smarter and that is what keeps them engaged and it’s what keeps them learning.”

4:03How you can help children in need during the COVID-19 pandemic


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