Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says while there could be a role for using apps and virtual tracking to trace coronavirus cases in Canada, those measures would likely need to be voluntary to earn public support.

In a daily briefing with journalists outside Rideau Cottage on Wednesday, Trudeau was asked about the possibility of using measures like digital contact tracing and apps to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus as some regions move toward easing lockdown restrictions.

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He said the focus of any new tools would need to be on respecting the privacy of Canadians.

“We have a number of proposals and companies working on different models that might be applicable to Canada but as we move forward on taking decisions, we’re going to keep in mind that Canadians put a very high value on their privacy, on their data security,” he said.

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“We need to make sure we respect that even in a time of emergency measures and significant difficultly.”

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