FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Councillor Trevor Bolin posted a local Gift Card Challenge on his Facebook account wanting to inspire others in the community to support local small businesses in the city.

Bolin says he saw it from someone else and decided to get more people involved and bring a more significant awareness, as a small business is a backbone to the city.

“Anything we can all do to help them will ensure they make it through this very tough time,” said Bolin.

The post challenges Bolin’s fellow City Councillors and Mayor Ackerman, who replied with “challenge accepted.”

The post encourages the participants to purchase three gift cards from local businesses as well as Bolin’s three cards he picked. The post instructs readers to copy and paste the post onto their Facebook accounts to keep the momentum going.

Bolin shares, he hopes that people, whether they can afford to help or not, will at least share the post. Bringing awareness to the benefits of small business in the city as everyone in the community needs to stick together, ensuring we can do all we can.

Bolin challenged city councillors yet encouraged others to participate as small and medium-sized businesses are the first to sponsor, help local events and provide secure jobs over a wide range of sectors.