While formal approval awaits at the next regular council meeting, London city councillors — sitting as the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee (SPPC) — have endorsed nine additional measures outlined by city staff to help residents over the next two to three months.

The measures are described as “low-cost” or “no-cost” by Coun. Josh Morgan, who notes the city is in a difficult position financially as staff anticipate a shortfall of $32.8-million by the end of August due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“[We estimate] $47.3-million in lost revenues by end of August, $10.1-million in additional costs, and then $24.6-million in cost savings or additional revenues that we’ve gotten through this, so obviously we’ve taken some actions trying to lower our cost,” Morgan explained.

“That’s where we get the $32.8 million hole and that is reflective of a whole series of actions that the corporation [of the City of London] has already taken.”

The nine items endorsed by councillors — and listed below — relate to food security, housing stability, deferral of some payments for residents and businesses, internet access, and providing flexibility to loading/unloading and delivery times for businesses.