Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Canada topped 50,000 on Tuesday.

Federal and provincial authorities said 2,859 had died from the virus by 6 p.m. ET, adding that 19,198 had recovered.

Quebec, the country’s hardest-hit province, has reported 27,757 confirmed cases and 1,682 deaths, accounting for more than half of all COVID-19-related deaths in Canada.

The United States — the epicentre of the virus — has over 1 million confirmed cases. Over 55,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 — a number higher than that of Canada’s total confirmed cases.

In total, more than 216,800 across the globe have died from the novel coronavirus.

But despite rising numbers of confirmed cases, health officials have said that Canada’s curve is flattening.

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“We are making clear progress to slow the spread and bring the epidemic under control,” chief public health officer Theresa Tam told reporters.

“[On April 9th], Canada’s confirmed case count was doubling every three to five days. At this time, the number of cases is doubling at a rate of every 16 days.”

Several provinces,