The Ontario government on Monday was the latest province to outline its COVID-19 economic recovery plan, but when compared to other provinces’ plans released last week, Ontario’s was starkly different for one reason: it wasn’t anchored to any specific dates.

But that’s not a bad thing — rather, it’s “encouraging,” public health experts say.

“To me, it makes more sense to not have dates,” said Craig Jenne, an infectious disease expert and associate professor at the University of Calgary.

“I do understand some provinces are able to put out dates because they may be actually at the point now where it is time for them to start reopening.

“I don’t think Ontario [is] there yet.”

Premier Doug Ford and several cabinet ministers on Monday released what they’re calling a “framework” for re-opening Ontario’s economy. The government is hearing from experts now that the province is in the “peak” of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Ford said during a press conference at Queen’s Park.

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Unlike the recovery plans other provinces have announced so far, the Ontario government’s three-phrase approach didn’t include concrete dates for when the easing of public health restrictions would begin.