Alana Spicer has worked as a respiratory therapist at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax for more than 20 years. In all of her career, she’s never seen anything as intense as the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The challenge of this new virus is no one is really sure [how it works],” Spicer said.

“In the first month, things were changing so rapidly — you would come to work and then the next day that policy that was written has been amended because someone has found new information.”

Although things have “stabilized,” Spicer said there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the future.

“We’re as prepared as we can be and we feel confident in that,” she said. “It’s just the unknown.”

As a respiratory therapist, Spicer is a crucial part of the fight against COVID-19, an illness known to wreak havoc on a person’s lungs.

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Photo courtesy of Alana Spicer
Photo courtesy of Alana Spicer

Photo courtesy of Alana Spicer

Severe cases of the coronavirus often require the use of a ventilator to deliver oxygen to the lungs,