Saskatchewan is ready to reopen as the number of new coronavirus cases flatten in the province.

But Premier Scott Moe said it needs to be done with great caution as it involves risks.

“If we move too quickly, we risk increasing the spread of COVID-19,” Moe said.

“If we move too slowly, we risk permanent damage to the livelihoods of thousands of Saskatchewan people.

“Businesses that never reopen, and jobs that never come back.”

Moe made the remarks Wednesday evening during a televised address to the province, a first for a Saskatchewan Party premier, and the first televised address by a Saskatchewan premier in about 25 years.

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“Because of the tremendous effort of Saskatchewan people and the success we have had in reducing the spread, I think we can begin to provide a bit of optimism.”

“Tomorrow (Thursday), we will unveil a plan to gradually and methodically re-open businesses and public services that have been closed because of the pandemic.”

Moe said the plan was made in consultation with Dr.