A Canadian company is ready to release its new COVID-19 test which it says is more accurate and could see tens of thousands of samples tested in one day.

However, no province appears ready to invest in the system yet.

Bio-ID Diagnostics said it’s ready to release the COVID-Seq, which it claims is a more accurate and efficient way to test for the novel coronavirus.

The Edmonton-based company said rather than determining whether someone is presumed to be positive with COVID-19, its test can determine someone’s status with certainty.

“That also involves sequencing the DNA. So actually looking at the sequence of the DNA and that’s the part that makes it conclusive,” said Dr. Reno Pontarollo.

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According to Bio-ID, it has developed the first test that looks for detection and confirmation of the virus.

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Current tests show whether someone is presumed to be positive or not.

Their status isn’t confirmed until days later.