VICTORIA, B.C. – Premier John Horgan says he will address the Province when the time is right to start reducing COVID-19 restriction.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Premier Horgan said the B.C. Cabinet has been working for weeks on a plan to re-open the Province. Still, the Premier doesn’t want to give British Columbian’s false hope by saying when things will return to normal.

Dr. Henry has said in the last few weeks; the restrictions could start to be lifted around the middle of May. Dr. Henry, just like the Premier, is stressing those timelines could change, and an announcement about the reduction of restrictions will be based on medical data.

“I don’t want British Columbians to take comfort in the early successes we’ve had in the last couple of weeks when we know the outbreaks at the poultry facility and Mission Correctional Facility, create problems for us over time.” The Premier went onto say, “What I know for sure is British Columbians don’t want to give up the progress we’ve made for an early start that will put us back on our heals.”

The Premier says the outbreak at a poultry facility in the Lower Mainland is a reminder that there must be a focus on workplace safety to prevent a resurgence of the virus.

Below is a copy of the full press conference.