Mayor Mike Bradley  of Sarnia, Ont., says he doesn’t mind “getting a lot of criticism” and he’s hoping politicians at the local, provincial, and national levels are willing to take some criticism, as well, as leaders face difficult decisions amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

While he anticipates severe economic impacts — projecting a loss of “10, 20, 30 per cent of our businesses” if the health crisis doesn’t drastically improve by mid-summer — he’s urging all levels of government not to rush into lessening restrictions.

He also wishes that strict action was taken early on, provincially.

“I think we would’ve seen a lot fewer cases. I’m not second-guessing them, that was their call to make,” he said.

“But the fact is, it’s been drip, drip, drip changes over the last six weeks or so and I think that is getting on the public’s nerves.”

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3:46How to support local businesses through COVID-19 pandemic

How to support local businesses through COVID-19 pandemic

Regardless of what Bradley would have liked to have seen in the past,