Every day, scientists are learning more about the new coronavirus and how it spreads.

One thing is certain: the virus is transmitted through droplet transmission, and those droplets enter the body through a mucous membrane — like your eyes.

For this reason, many contact lens users have started wearing glasses instead for fear that contacts can increase the risk of catching COVID-19.

However, according to the findings of a recent literature review, contact lenses are not cause for concern with regard to the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Contact lenses remain a perfectly acceptable form of vision correction during the coronavirus pandemic, as long as people practise good hand hygiene and follow appropriate wear-and-care directions,” said Dr. Lyndon Jones, director of the Centre for Ocular Research & Education at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

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Jones and four other prominent ocular scientists collaborated on the paper, analyzing more than 100 peer-reviewed studies.

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COVID-19 stimulus programs could have lingering impact

“There is absolutely no scientific evidence [to suggest] that people who wear contact lenses are more at risk of developing COVID-19,” Jones told Global News.