FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The staff of the Peace Villa in Fort St. John have been taking creative steps to ensure residents can remain connected to families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With changing visitor rules, staff have been creating ways to keep families connected that are unable to visit in person. Three staff members of the Peace Villa reached out to residents families to find out which approach would be best to keep in touch whether that be by phone, text or virtual.

Another way Peace Villa is connecting family is through FaceTime and Zoom calls. Northern Health expresses it is essential to protect its staff, patients and long term residents.

Angela De Smit, Chief Operating Officer for the Northeast, shares the effort by staff is an excellent example of how staff care for residents and their families ensuring families are contacted and connected with their loved ones.

Staff have also been trying to keep residents connected to their friends in different areas of Peace Villa.

Protecting the most vulnerable, long-term care homes have restricted visitors to essential visits only. Essential visits include visits for compassionate care (e.g. end of life), and visits considered as paramount to the resident’s well-being, providing medically necessary care.

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