A trio of sibling musicians from Nova Scotia is not about to let COVID-19 stop them from getting noticed.

Like many artists during the pandemic, they have taken their talents online.

Known as The Gilberts, the sibling trio is from Centre Burlington in Hants County, Nova Scotia. Before the pandemic began, they were about to realize their dream of cutting their first album in a professional music studio.

“We were just getting ready when the pandemic hit and those plans got cancelled,” said Frieden Gilbert.

Freiden is the oldest member of the folk music group at 21. His brother Reuben, 19, and sister Maisie, 17, complete the trio.

Unable to perform live or in the studio, the siblings, isolated at home amid the pandemic, found themselves with plenty of time on their hands and got creative.

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“We have amassed quite a bit of recording over the past year and we are learning how to use it,” said Reuben.

Upstairs in the loft of their home, they broke out the microphones and grabbed their instruments, he said, recording a live cut of their original song,