Life Spin has teamed up with On The Move Organics and LOLA Bees to make sure fixed-income families, seniors and expectant mothers in need have direct access to food amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“[It came together] very quickly and we’re just trying to work out logistics,” Jacqueline Thompson, director of Life Spin, said on Friday.

“Just knowing that families shouldn’t be going out and their health puts them at risk of going out made us have to very quickly respond to come up with some creative ways to get people to have food delivered to their homes to try to keep them safe. They’re at risk and they don’t have the mechanisms in place to order food from mainstream places, like, they don’t have credit cards or internet services.”

Thompson said the program launched Thursday and by Friday organizers were at 210 boxes and starting to make a list of volunteers to help with food delivery.

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“If there’s that many people in need, On The Move likely won’t be able to handle the amount of deliveries that are going to be needed to get food out at the end of this month because they’re a business that’s already operating at full capacity for their own business.”

Life Spin adds that for those experiencing poverty,