A partnership between the Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLM) and Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario will help make sure local dogs won’t go hungry amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The two organizations have come together to donate 738 bags of dog food to pet owners in need throughout the London area and will be distributed through the No Empty Bowls Food Bank, which provides area pet owners with free pet food during financial hardships.

“Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario reached out to us to contribute the large quantity of dog food to support our recent Virtual Food Drive,” said HSLM executive director Steve Ryall.

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“The dog food falls outside of the three specific brands we feed the shelter animals, so we collaborated to have the food delivered to No Empty Bowls Food Bank, who we donate food and other supplies to on a regular basis.”

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Ryall hopes the move will help pet owners keep their furry friends during the ongoing pandemic.

“I think it’s better for the animal always to stay with the homeowner.