With more of us online shopping these days or relying on shipped products, our mailboxes may be getting full.

While health officials urge Canadians to wash their hands and clean high-contact surfaces, like door handles, to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, do you need to disinfect your mail?

“When it come to paper, like your mail or money in some countries, there aren’t any definitive studies yet [on how long the virus can live], but I would exercise caution,” said Dr. Lukasz Kwapisz, a Houston, Texas-based gastroenterologist.

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Kwapisz said the virus can “probably live on paper surfaces for hours — not days,” but says people should “wait an extra day” before opening their mail if concerned.

“Either way, those same rules still apply. … Wash your hands after each time you’ve touched your mail or packages. That’s still the best way to protect yourself,” he said.

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Health Canada says the coronavirus can survive on various surfaces depending on different conditions, including temperature,