A London, Ont.-based industrial tech company is doing its part to supply Canadian medical facilities with much-needed ventilators as part of a consortium of Canadian entrepreneurs and philanthropists formed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ventilators for Canadians, styled V4C for short, is one of several groups currently working with the federal government to produce as many as 30,000 ventilators for intensive care units across the country.

The group was formed by four entrepreneurs and friends, including Scott Shawyer, president and CEO of JMP Solutions of London, which specializes in industrial technologies like robotics, control systems, and automation.

Danby CEO, Jim Estill, leads the consortium, which has several projects in the works to meet the 30,000 ventilator challenge.

V4C has already developed a field-hospital-style ventilator called the “Ambulatory Bag Compressor” — designed as a quick, temporary option for intensive care units — and has partnered with Baylis, a medical device company, to manufacture thousands of professional, Health Canada-approved ventilators, based on an open-source design by Medtronic Canada.

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The group is now also assisting the global research collaboration,