Patty Baird’s health deteriorated quickly once she tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday — and now her family says doctors told them the very next day that she won’t survive.

“We just bawled our eyes out,” said Patty’s sister-in-law, Louise Bair.

“We’re devastated, we just want to know why? How?”

Fifty-two-year-old Patty has Down syndrome and lives at Markham’s Participation House, a care home for adults with disabilities.

Louise said that her sister-in-law was experiencing a lot of pain when she went to visit her at the group home on Monday.

“I knew something was wrong just by seeing her,” said Louise. “She couldn’t get out of bed, she couldn’t even walk anymore.

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“The agony — she was screaming in agony. She was in so much pain.”

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Louise informed a nurse, who told her that Patty was ‘not sounding well.’ They submitted her to Markham Stouffville Hospital down the street that night.

She received word a few hours later that her sister-in-law was not expected to live.