FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Salvation Army received $2850 and 29 totes of food in four hours from the Rotary Clubs of Fort St. John, food drive on Saturday.

Cameron Eggie, the Executive Director of the Salvation Army, shared the donations mean a lot to the Food Bank during this time; more and more folks are relying on the support of others to push through. Eggie continues to say many people in the community have experienced recent layoffs, and that seems to be the new narrative for those coming in.

Eggie expresses there is not a test for someone needing help from the Food Bank, meaning proof of your financial situation is not required. The questions asked by the Food Bank help determine the family size and what other programs might work for the applicant and their family.

The food drive took place on Saturday, April 11th, 2020, in the Safeway parking lot close to the highway and was set up in a way to ensure people would practice proper social distancing and have no contact.

The food drive was a joint venture between The Sunrise Rotary Club of Fort St John and The Rotary Club of Fort St John as a way to continue to support the community through its Rotary Social Distancing Assistance program that can be found on Facebook.

Eggie also shares that financial donations have been an enormous blessing to the food bank during this time, especially since the close of the retail store, which revenue covers the operating costs of the building and some staffing of the not for profit Food Bank. Eggie said this had been a considerable blow to the Food Bank as the store has been closed since March 18th, 2020.

“We have had some amazing community partners raising money for utilities and expenses,” said Eggie. “It’s important that the food bank keeps the doors open, lights & heat on, and pays the incredible, dedicated frontline workers.”