In less than two weeks, Melissa Erb went from being tagged in a Facebook photo showcasing her handiwork to organizing an operation of over 100 volunteers to create scrub caps, masks and neck straps for workers in Huron County on the front lines against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“My niece is a nurse and she asked me to make her a scrub cap, so I made her a scrub cap and a headband with buttons on the side of that. That’s not a new idea, I can’t take credit for that, but she posted it on my page and immediately I had upwards of 50 requests,” Erb told Global News.

“I posted on my [Knotty Girls business] page that I was willing to do as much as I could with the fabric that I had and I would be gifting all of these items and if anybody felt like donating I would gladly accept their donation.”

Soon after, a local man who Erb did not identify donated money that she spent on fabric. People then began donating fabric as well as buttons and other sewing notions, prompting Erb to issue a call for volunteers.