Intentionally infecting yourself with the novel coronavirus is a very, very bad idea, and you shouldn’t do it.

That message from London, Ont. epidemiologist, Greta Bauer, may seen obvious, but it appears some aren’t getting the memo.

The Western University epidemiology and biostatistics professor wrote in the New York Times on Wednesday that she and other epidemiologists have heard ‘rumblings’ about people intentionally refraining from physical distancing, or pondering the idea of hosting the COVID-19 equivalent of chickenpox parties.

Of the reasons why, Bauer writes some are seeking to build population immunity, or want to become immune themselves so they can return to work or serve their communities, while others are just tired of being cooped up at home.

No such parties have been reported by local health officials.

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While it isn’t surprising people are looking for solutions — it’s normal for people to be scared or frustrated or want to find ways to help out their families and communities, Bauer says — the problem is that there are still many unknowns surrounding COVID-19.