Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer spar over delays on coronavirus bill

The governing Liberals and Opposition Conservatives are locked into what appears to be a game of political hot potato over why Parliament has yet to be recalled to pass the latest COVID-19 economic aid bill.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing the Tories of refusing to sit to debate the bill without provisions in place that would govern how Parliament can function over the long term.

Trudeau suggested he’s willing to put his Easter plans on hold this weekend to get the bill passed.

“While we continue discussions around democratic processes and defending our institutions — which will be ongoing, which is really important to me and to all of us — we need to move forward on getting this legislation moving through the House so we can get the help out to Canadians and that is my focus this weekend,” he said.

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The legislation gives the government the necessary authority to roll out a massive $73-billion wage subsidy program designed to encourage companies to hire back, or keep on, their employees. New figures release Thursday show more than a million Canadians lost their jobs at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis in March.


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