A memo from the provincial government shows new billing codes for specialist physicians across Saskatchewan were effective as of March 24.

By April 8, however, they still hadn’t received those codes, leaving physicians unable to appropriately bill for their services.

“Many of us are what’s called Fee-For-Service,” explained Dr. Barbara Konstantynowicz, vice-president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

“So we run a small business and the economics of the day have impacted us just the same as they have on many small business owners, and so we are very concerned about keeping our offices open and running,” she said.

1:53The story of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan by the numbers

The new Pandemic Virtual Care codes are for virtual consultations with new and existing patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and replace previous virtual care codes that didn’t charge the appropriate amount.

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In the memo the province states, “Fee code numbers physicians will use to bill Medical Services are currently being determined.”