Setting up lawn chairs in driveways for socially-distant neighbourhood parties. Talking to one another from apartment building balconies. Driving to parking lots to chat from cars parked two metres apart.

People have been finding innovative ways to keep socializing with friends and neighbours while trying to respect physical distancing measures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While it may seem harmless enough, some experts say those social distancing loopholes are probably not worth the risk.

“As humans we will always find ways to kind of push limitations, to figure out how we can work around problems,” microbiologist Jason Kindrachuk said in a phone interview with The Canadian Press.

“But that’s where, as far as public messaging goes, we need to keep reiterating the sheer importance of social distancing, why we’re doing this in the first place.

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1:53$880 fine for violating physical distancing in Kingston

$880 fine for violating physical distancing in Kingston

“And how many risks are we willing to take that may potentially result in spreading this virus?”

The coronavirus is transmitted by respiratory droplets,