After Ontario changed course last week and ordered the province’s cannabis stores to close in response to the novel coronavirus, lines at stores visibly lengthened as customers stocked up.

Cannabis stores, some of which had barely opened when the order was issued, aren’t the only place for residents to buy legal weed. They can always order it online from the government-operated Ontario Cannabis Store.

For most people in Ontario, ordering from the OCS means having cannabis sent through Canada Post. But Canada Post no longer delivers packages that require a signature. Customers have to pick up the packages at a post office.

So as a practical matter, people who last week had to line up at a cannabis store to buy weed now have to line up at a post office to pick up the weed they ordered online.

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Trying to understand the thought process behind click-and-collect being a public health risk but it’s ok for me to order from the OCS and be forced to make a trip to Canada Post for pick up (in my hood,