New Brunswick’s premier says his province will likely follow a promised move by Ontario to release COVID-19 modelling projections, with the information to be released sometime next week.

Blaine Higgs said meetings are ongoing and the information could be made available by Tuesday.

Higgs told reporters Thursday that he sees value in sharing the same numbers with the public that are available to provincial health officials, and he believes there should be consistent sharing of that information across the country.

“I know that Ontario, Quebec and maybe B.C. and Alberta are in different situations than we are, but nevertheless, having a consistency in information and how it’s interpreted will help us all make better decisions, and help us all learn from each other,” said Higgs.

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However, the premier conceded that modelling “is not a precise science.”

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The province’s chief medical officer, Dr. Jennifer Russell, also had a caution about modelling.

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“These are numbers and sometimes reality is not the same as what’s projected in numbers,” Russell said. “All we can do right now is work as hard as we can together collectively to fight this. Our success depends on that collective approach.”


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