Staying in contact with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic has become even more important with self-isolation requirements and visitor restrictions put in place to help slow the spread.

That means using technology such as a video or phone call. Even a window visit or a letter to those in isolation can make a world of a difference.

“It’s not ideal, but it still means a lot to us that we can see them in the windows,” says Laura Keays, who spent Wednesday morning visiting her mother and other residents at a SerenaCare home in Moncton with her partner Corinna Rodgers. “We visit our mother every day.”

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Much to the joy of several residents who gathered around the window, Keays and Rodgers also brought two dogs to help lighten the mood.

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“It’s so important [to stay connected],” says Rodgers. “The loneliness and the isolation is definitely exasperated… Just reaching out to people in your area that are living alone; it’s crucial.”

Susan Dixson, the owner of SerenaCare in Moncton, looks after two facilities; one of 18 residents and another with 13.

“We have had meetings with staff, we’ve done additional training, Social Development has been helpful in many ways, we have our attending physician that checks in on us every day,” Dixson says.