More Canadians are thinking of end-of-life planning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of Canadians making wills and signing powers of attorney has spiked in the past two weeks, according to companies that help with the process.

For Willful, a service that allows Canadians to create their own legal documents online, sales since March 16 have been 160 per cent higher than they were in the first two weeks of the month. Traffic to the website went up 80 per cent over the same time period.

Erin Bury, the CEO of Willful, explained the pandemic has a lot of people thinking about their emergency plans — or lack of.

“When we’re faced with something like a pandemic, obviously it causes people to think more about their own mortality plans,” she told Global News.

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She noted the increase in usage may also be because many Canadians are at home and aren’t able to visit lawyers to draft wills in person.

“They have more time to get to those tasks that might have fallen to the bottom of the list previously,” she added.

1:34Expert says people should include digital assets in their wills

Expert says people should include digital assets in their wills

Bury noted, however, that even wills created online must be printed and signed by two witnesses to be legally binding.