If you’re a business struggling with the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the government’s promised wage subsidies are on the way.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday shared some of the details on the new subsidy program for businesses, which was significantly amended last week after criticisms that the initial plan to cover 10 per cent of wages wasn’t nearly enough to make a difference.

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Trudeau said last week that plan would now cover up to 75 per cent of wages.

But there remain unanswered questions about how it all will work.

Here is what is and is not known.

Who is eligible?

It’s important to note right away that there isn’t a lot of information about the specifics of how the subsidies will work — and in particular, how those accessing them will be held accountable.

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It is clear, however, that it won’t just be small and medium-sized businesses getting access to this.

Trudeau said on Monday that the subsidies will be open to any business, big or small, along with charities and not-for-profit organizations.


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Those applicants must have suffered at least a 30 per cent decline in revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic, he said, noting that the goal is to ensure as many people as possible can keep their jobs and paycheques.