On the same day the City of London launched a tipline for the public to report coronavirus-related violations, a local man reported two people allegedly tearing down the caution tape surrounding a playground in Gibbons Park.

Mike Cunningham posted a video to Facebook shortly after 7 p.m. on Friday showing a man holding caution tape walking alongside a woman. Cunningham and at least one other man and woman are heard off-camera expressing outrage.

“Nobody’s sick,” said the woman walking alongside the man holding the caution tape.

“We’re free, we’re free people,” the man said.

“Who do you see hacking up a lung right now?” the woman added.

“Let’s follow them, let’s find out his licence plate,” said a man off-camera.

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The man on video then throws the caution tape into a garbage bin before he and the woman split up. The camera follows the man up the sidewalk in the park’s parking lot.

“You’re a psycho, buddy. You’re psychotic,” the man said, turning back to Cunningham.

“No, you are. You’re psychotic. You’re the one that took the stuff down,” Cunningham said.


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“How many kids’ lives are on your hands?” a woman’s voice can be heard yelling in the background off-camera.

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Caution tape has been put back up at Gibbons Park after it was removed on Friday.  » READ MORE FROM GLOBAL NEWS