Charts updated March 27, 9 a.m. ET

The new coronavirus has been spreading quickly in Canada..

How many are really out there? It’s impossible to tell since not everybody who may have the virus gets tested and not all cases show symptoms.

Here are the known cases so far:

When you look at their share of the population, Canadians between 50 and 70 appear to be more likely to have been diagnosed with the disease and those under 19 much less likely.

(In Italy, the elderly have made up the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 deaths.)

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There are two cautions with the data, though. One is that we have age data for roughly half of the Canadians with a COVID-19 diagnosis. The other is that many people with no reason to seek out medical attention turn out to be carrying the virus. In Iceland, which is testing on an ambitious scale, about half of people with positive tests showed no symptoms.

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Here is an age breakdown of cases for which we know the age, along with their proportion of the overall population:


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Though No. 3 in population, British Columbia is roughly equal with Ontario in absolute numbers of cases,